“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.”

Psalm 25:5
Tuesdays with Ellen
God works in mysterious ways

God works in mysterious ways

Last Wednesday, due to a misunderstanding, speaker Dr. Corne Bekker did not show up for chapel. Although it was unfortunate, something good came out of it all. Ellen Kersey shares what transpired that day.

Life isn’t fair

Life isn’t fair. We all know that. Sometimes good things happen; sometimes bad things.

Valentines Day

What is Valentines Day like after being married for 55 years? Ellen Kersey illuminates.

TV Addiction Leads to Decorating Plan

My husband Earl’s primary interests did not – in the past – include decorating. But the home design network and his addiction changed all that.

Witness with Your Tip

Ellen Kersey explains the importance of representing Corban -- and Christ through something as simple as tipping at a restaurant.

My life as a 6th-grade drama queen

The actual performance has escaped my memory, but I remember putting on false fingernails and painting them black, then explaining to my sister, “I can’t do dishes tonight. I have on my fingernails and I might mess them up.”

The sad saga of a shopaholic

Offer us the actual price from day one, and we won’t bite. We will wait for the sale, because we have to believe we have outsmarted The Man.

Growing up Mr Lester [sic]

Most of us had many ambitions when we were children. But did any of us want to be the author of the book “The Essential Guide – Research Writing Across the Disciplines”?

Opposites attract

I love being busy; my retired husband can sit and “watch grass grow.” But that is only one of the differences that confirm the true statement: opposites attract.

Life’s Lessons from Baking Pies

After dinner, I cut him a piece. He took a forkful, a smile spreading across his face as he placed the delicacy in his mouth. Suddenly, I saw a look of wonder – not a positive wonder, but a “What is this?” wonder. Sure enough, he had bitten into a cherry pit. Those home canned...

A Test We Must All Pass

How would our “up-town” church folk react to someone who looked like a homeless man in need of a shower? Would we pass or fail “the test”?

For the Love of Coupons!

Occasionally, my enthusiasm for coupons has not been a good thing. In fact, my husband’s surgery a year ago led to a “coupon” situation I have yet to live down.