The post-dorm meeting stillness was settling over Farrar. There were snores from darkened rooms, there was stifled laughter from behind laptop screens, and there was banjo music coming from the bathroom. Then tragedy struck. A call from an off-duty (but ever so vigilant) member of Campus Safety rang through one of the resident’s rooms. “I’m on it,” he resolved. Our hero pounded on doors, mustering all the volume he had: “Fire hazard! Everybody out!” Fellow residents thought it was a joke. It wasn’t. He was the boy who cried “fire” - no one listened. “No, guys, a Campus Safety officer literally just called me. We need to leave. Now.” “...crap. Okay.” As an RA stumbled out of the bathroom, soapy and nude, peacoats were thrown on over basketball shorts and snapbacks. Confused boys who had been peacefully snoozing moments before were given anyone’s clothes in an effort to make them publicly acceptable on their trek to their sister dorm. The exodus to Aagard took mere minutes, but felt like hours - especially to those poor souls who had forgotten to put on shoes. Waking up to a dorm full of men pounding on every door is not the way most Aagardians want to wake up - especially at 12:30 a.m. Nevertheless, the groggy hosts obliged, after Katy “Kat Daddy” Watson moved every last Y chromosome to the basement to avoid waking the poor womenfolk that lived on the premises. Once settled in the basement, the delirium that sets in post-midnight hit everyone simultaneously. One angelic Aagard RA read the poor men her favorite children’s book, “Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I’ve Ever Been,” as they sat on the floor and paid rapt attention. Others foraged for food, gathering popcorn from generous Aagardians and sharing cans of room-temperature tea. Still more introduced improv games to the mob, playing, “do you know what I love?” for what seemed like eternity. Finally, at 1:45, the “all-clear” rang free and true throughout the Aagard basement. It was time for the Farrarians to return from whence they came. Now that everyone was awake, the age-old situation of, “I want to go to bed, but I don’t want to go to bed,” became prevalent. Several movies for the film festival were planned. New variations of Disney songs were written (“I Can Show You A Squirrel”). Dead pets (RIP Bekah the fish) were given memorial services. Finally, around 3 a.m., the majority of  Farrarians were back abed, with only the smell of smoke to lull them to sleep. ~ Basically, there was a small electrical fire in “O” parking lot (above the baseball field), so campus safety evacuated Farrar. We just had to wait in Aagard until we had the all-clear to go back. We got back in our dorm about 1:45. #SecondDormMeeting