February 20, 2013

"These Christians begin to question their salvation and open the door for our attack."

Patient: Stefan Hinkley Follower of Christ Saved: July 2010 Weakness: Weak in faith My Dear Wormwood, Four years it’s been since the patient “found” rest in the enemy. Four years it has been a battle that I have long fought, most of the time succeeding. Temptation is your greatest ally, my dear Wormwood. These Christians they fall short of their maker and their savior. So often do they take for granted the battle that has been fought for them. We can use this to our advantage. The patient is weak when he relies least on the Enemy, in that moment you should strike. Through trial and temptation does he truly lose faith in the Enemy. But take heed, the enemy is strong and will fight for those He loves. You cannot allow him to overpower you; you must continue to distract the patient, keeping his mind on the world and not of unearthly things. As I have told you before, it’s funny how mortals always picture us as putting things in their mouths when our best lie is to keep things out. When we lead them to sin that leaves them ashamed enough to the point where they want to keep it in the dark, then we have truly won. Do not worry for you have another advantage, as the patient’s community has constantly debated over the existence of our home. Even over the existence of us my dear Wormwood. You see, they don’t believe we exist, but they actually believe that everyone will be saved by the Enemy. My dear Wormwood, this is our greatest weapon. We will capture many with this, because we have led many astray by the influence of a few. The patient’s people are arrogant and prideful, they claim to follow the enemy but continually fall short. This is good. Do not worry Wormwood, for there is not much left that needs to be done, for they will destroy themselves. Their disagreements have split them in half and the Enemy is losing some because of this. These Christians begin to question their salvation and open the door for our attack. These Christians love their comfort, they sit in their cushioned pews, drinking that nasty mud water, and listen to some man tell them why the Enemy is winning and has already won. Such lies my dear wormwood. For our master has told us that the battle rages on and we are indeed taking over. Oh these people, how quickly they are to blame a battle of victory for us, that they saw as terror on an instrument of evil and not evil itself. They want nothing more than to blame anything other than themselves, when they know dear Wormwood that our thoughts fill their heart, it is their nature. So do by weary or afraid dear Wormwood, for the battle continues and we have the edge. Stay true to the Patient, for he is weak and will fall to your temptation. Continue to be aware for the enemy, for He is powerful and loves His very creation for reasons we will never know. Father will be pleased. Sincerely yours, Screwtape