Have you ever wondered what goes through a zombie’s brain as they lifelessly shuffle around? Well, the opening monologue from Warm Bodies thinks it is something like this."What am I doing with my life? I'm so pale. I should get out more. I should eat better. My posture is terrible. I should stand up straighter. People would respect me more if I stood up straighter. What's wrong with me? I just want to connect. Why can't I connect with people? I’m lost." Warm Bodies is a zombie love story. That’s right, there is now a chick-flick for all those infected with the zombie-hysteria that is sweeping the nation. However, the film is not merely a cash-in on the current trend of zombie-loving TV viewers, or Twilight fanatics. It is a surprisingly entertaining film that pokes fun at other zombie flicks, as well as classic romances. The story is told from the perspective of a zombie named R, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult. He doesn’t remember his real name, just that it starts with the letter “R”. He is a undead, however, is still able to think and function inside of his head at a human level. He lives in an abandoned airport with hundreds of other zombies, including his best friend M, (And by best friend I mean they occasionally grunt or mutter a word while awkwardly staring at each other). R and the other zombies need to eat human flesh to survive, but as R’s thoughts reveal, “I’m quite ashamed that I eat people, in fact, if you(The viewer) could just look away during this part, that’d be great”. But R’s life takes a dramatic turn when his pack of zombies stumble upon a small group of survivors on a supply run. Its then where he meets Julie, portrayed by Teresa Palmer, in an over-dramatic slow motion scene that shows Julie shooting her shotgun set to John Waite’s classic 80‘s love-ballad, “Missing You”.

photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment

R quickly becomes enamored by Julie as he ate her boyfriend’s brain which gave him his emotions and memories. Before the other zombies can take a bite out of her he smears blood on her, masking her “human” scent. After escaping to R’s hideaway the two begin to bond, and the love that R feels slowly begins to make his heart beat once more. The ending, as well as a lot of the events that take place in the film are predicable, however the clever writing will make you laugh regularly. Such as when Julie asks R why he listens to vinyl records, he responds, “Sounds better... more alive”. The story also parallels Romeo and Juliet, as both R and Julie(A play on words to Romeo and Juliet’s names) come from “disapproving families” or in this case, humans and zombies. There is even a balcony scene which R calls out to Julie at her house inside the human camp. Overall, Warm Bodies is a fun film that any romance, or zombie fan should enjoy.