I just read an article about a new addition to the Oxford dictionary. Not only is it a new addition, but it was also named “Word of the Year” for 2013. What is this word you may ask? Well, I am sad to announce that it is none other than the word, “selfie.” Yes, our generation is making its mark in history with our texting lingo, our obsession with smart phones, and our ability to take pictures of ourselves. Can I just say that sometimes I miss the good ol’ days? You know what I mean, don’t you? The days when you could actually sit and laugh with your friends instead of texting them that you are, in fact, laughing out loud. The days when a hashtag meant a new game of tic-tac-toe. The days when we had the time and patience to pronounce full words instead of shortening them to sup awk phrases or three-letter acronyms. IDK, all I’m saying is that this is getting a little ridiculous. I’m probs overreacting, but I wanted to voice my concern for this generation. JK, I don’t talk like that. Remember the days when people didn’t care about seeing or reading what you were eating for dinner, or how long you worked out at the gym, or what you look like in front of a mirror? I’m not sure that they do now either, even with all the opportunities Instagram provides. If I remember correctly, “tag” used to be a fun game on the playground that my friends and I would play. Now, it’s just a way to identify people in a Facebook picture. And there was a time when starting and ending friendships took an actual face-to-face conversation rather than the click of a button.
A candid shot of two people taking a selfie. Photo courtesy of Garry Knight

A candid shot of two people taking a selfie.
Photo courtesy of Garry Knight

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Facebook, and I sometimes talk in today’s texting lingo…although I mostly make fun of it. Technology has opened so many doors and is the cause of some great opportunities. My point is that I think our generation has more to offer than silly pictures on Instagram and Tweets about our woes every two seconds. Where do your priorities lie in this technology-driven world we live in? Do you spend hours tweeting and posting and checking in on what’s happening on your Facebook news feed? Try checking into what’s going on around you and outside of your computer screen. It’s an exciting place, and you might just like it.