The Internet is a vast universe we have not even begun to discover. And I know my Internet. Time wasting websites? I know them. Videos of puppies, kitties and babies doing adorable things? My playlist will overwhelm you. Some people may find this sad, but I tend to view it as being resourceful. There are just those days that you don't realize how bored you are until you've reached page 50 of Reddit, or you've somehow ended up looking through the photos of an ex-boyfriend's-new-girlfriend's-ex-boyfriend. Yeah, we've both been there. But, fear no longer, my friend, here is a list of 13 mostly unknown, yet awesome (this will be debatable, I'm sure), websites for when you need a distraction from that CT sheet, if you are in need of a laugh or if you are just really, really bored. 1) - A website that answers the question currently on everyone's mind. 2) - Been described as Pinterest for food. Don't visit this website if you are starving because the mouth-watering pictures that accompany the full recipe won't help that discomfort at all. 3) - There is no way to describe this website so just click it. You won't regret it. (Or you might, whatever.) 4) - My roommate describes this as the website that gave her life "a new meaning." You might understand why after visiting (but you probably won't, to be honest). 5) - See the night sky like never before! 6) - If you really want to push some buttons... 7) - A website full of simple, yet entertaining, games that happen to also be beautifully made. 8) - Ever been interested in learning another language but just don't have the time, money or patience to take a class? Then this is the perfect place for you. 9) - You're welcome. 10) - Is the rain outside not doing it for you? Do you just like the sound of rain? With this website, the rain will always be with you. 11) - Do you need a hug? Well, if you can't find me, how about a virtual hug? Or two? Or twenty? 12) - Men: this website is your handbook on how to become even more manly than you already are. Tip #1: Get a moustache. 13) - Ladies: this will become your new homepage.