Kayli Moser spoke with fellow advocate and friend Liberty Pike.

In a country where abortion is legal, some people have stood up to speak against abortion. Junior Kayli Moser is one of those people. Moser is a communications major who recently received an internship for a pro-life organization, Oregon Right to Life. Her job entails visiting and speaking at high schools, camps, and on April 1, she even spoke at a legislative session. She was given the position after sending a video to Right to Life asking to join their campaign against abortion by putting to use her public speaking skills. “I felt called that that was an area I needed to get into,” said Moser. “Since as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be a motivational speaker." She took two classes from Dr. Marty Trammell: Oral Communications and Advanced Speech. She was even able to use one of her Oregon Right to Life speeches in her Advanced Speech class. Trammell has been a huge support to Moser by counseling and training her for this role. “Kayli is the embodiment of passion with a purpose,” said Trammell. While Moser writes her own speeches, Oregon Right to Life provides her with the PowerPoint slides. Before she started making speeches for Right to Life, her speeches were only ten minutes long. Now she usually makes 50 minute speeches. For one speech, she brought a woman with her, who had gone through an abortion and had regrets, to talk to a class. Challenges have included learning to speak more eloquently and off the top of her head. Moser has received a lot of positive responses from her speeches, though because of all the controversy with the pro-life/pro-choice debate Moser has also encountered some scary ones as well. One woman advised Moser to “get a big dog and a big lock." However, Moser hasn't let threats deter her. “I have to remember that this is not directed at me, it’s directed at a topic they don’t want to face,” she said. Moser has her heart set on making a difference in this world for Jesus Christ and has been a great help to the cause, according to her Oregon Right to Life adviser Kate Ewald. “She’s opened a lot of eyes as far as the abortion issue goes,” Ewald said.