His name is Bonds:  James Bonds. Okay, it maybe it isn't but it is Joshua Bond and he was the food director for Aramark for over three years before he suddenly left in February.

Chef Joshua Bonds is pictured here as he oversees the freshman orientation BBQ.

To some Corban students, he was just the quiet man who always wore black in the Dining Hall. To some students, he was simply a man who went in and out of the kitchen with food. Many people, however, knew him as Chef Josh. Bonds officially started his new position as the Food Service Director at the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Safety on Aumsville Highway in mid-February. However, he did regularly help out as Corban Dining searched for his replacement. When the former Food Director at the DPSSS decided to move on, Bonds was asked to fill in, where he then applied and received the position. He was prepared for the new position because of the multiple training programs he has taken through Aramark over the past three years. Compared to his previous position at Corban the new position “deals much more with the financial and reporting side of the food service process.”  At Corban, Bonds was “more focused on the food production side of things.” He worked in the dining hall for three and a half years, for as long as he’s worked for Aramark. Tamra Taylor, Food Director for Corban who’s worked with Bonds for the past three years, says that Bonds “brought his culinary background, his personality, and his work ethic.” Esther Gallaway, who’s worked with Bonds since he first started working at Corban her freshman year, said “he brought a sense of humor and a lot of wisdom.” Teleah Moss, who’s worked with Bonds for a year, says that he always knew what he was doing. “He was a great teacher and he wasn’t intimidating,” she added. As for Bonds, he will miss the people he had the opportunity to work with from Corban. The most memorable moments for him came from the parties they had in the Dining Hall for students along with some of the catering events. Some of the most impactful moments came from seeing the new students and their families during Freshman Orientation, and seeing students graduate and “start their new lives.” “I have learned a lot about cooking for large groups and caterings, I had the opportunity to go to New York to train at The Culinary Institute of America, and I have learned a lot about the Corban view of the world and about the people here,” he said. Taylor says that even though the Dining Hall will miss the team rhythm they had with Bonds, she’s glad he has this “growth opportunity.” Even though Bonds won’t work at Corban full time, he “will continue to assist at Corban with caterings and special events whenever needed.”