The cafeteria is now serving beer! Root beer, that is, and although there has been talk about changing the alcohol policy at Corban, the decision to add this beverage was a little easier to come by. With help from ASB Vice President Ben Maison and an abundance of pleas and suggestions from the student body, root beer has finally arrived. “It’s my job on ASB to represent students,” Maison said. “I heard a lot of people saying how cool it would be to have root beer. Plus, I wanted it myself.” How exactly did the cafeteria, most commonly known by its provider name “Aramark” among students at Corban, acquire the newest soda flavor? Maison made a petition that had over 150 student signatures, and presented it to the Aramark administration who made the final decision. Once spring semester came around, root beer was filling up glasses. “I think it’s cool how a student can bring about change that they want to see here,” Maison said. The student body seemed to be happy with the latest addition to the cafeteria drink lineup so far. “Root beer paid my tuition and saved my life,” student Shane Whitehead said. “I like root beer as far as the East is from the West,” freshman Ethan Oehler said about the refreshing drink. Another bonus of having root beer is the ability to make root beer floats. Although the floats didn’t factor into Maison’s motivation to make the petition for the soda, it didn’t take long for students to figure out that the ingredients were present. Math may be difficult for many, but adding vanilla and root beer is a simple equation that leaves most people satisfied. “Root beer floats on Sundays are pretty nice,” Maison said. “Root beer is an essential soda flavor.” This is the first time in four years that root beer has been available in the cafeteria. The lifelong question coming from the diehard root beer fanatics is, will it stay? “As long as you drink up,” Maison said.