Around 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 1 Corban University alerted students of a potential threat at the entrance of campus. However, this bomb scare ended up being just that: a scare. According to Officer Zohner of the Salem Police Department, the package had been reported several hours prior to their arrival.  When the officers arrived, they approached the package at a distance, like they do with all suspicious packages, and then called in bomb technicians. Interviewed at the scene as bomb technicians worked, Zohner said, “[They] took a look at it, figured out that it’s not supposed to be there ... there is no reason for it to be there. It just looks suspicious.” While he didn’t get a close look at the box he reported that it was “a little smaller than a shoe box, gray in color and plastic-sided.” By 6 p.m. Corban students began receiving emails and phone calls reporting that the scene was clear and that there was no danger. As it turns out, a student came forward and said he put the package there. Zohner asked that the student remain nameless. Earlier in the day the student saw the box fall off the back of a Campus Care vehicle and went to take a look at it. Thinking that the workers would notice it was missing and come back for it, he placed it in the flowerbed of the entrance sign and left. After returning from track practice and seeing the commotion, the student approached the police and described the box in detail. At that point bomb technicians were x-raying the box and were able to confirm his report. And what was in the little box that caused such a big commotion? Washer nuts and outlet covers.