Imagine a machine. It’s heavily built, very tough and utterly unforgiving of mistakes. It is ugly, metallic and plastic. There is a subculture in our country that buys millions of them. Some are considered beautiful while others have no aesthetic qualities whatsoever. Some people use them for recreation, some collect them, others are attracted to the deadly power they give, and a few want nothing to do with them at all. This deadly hardware has evolved over time to greater power and has become so easy to operate that even children can do so. It makes militaries more efficient at their unpleasant task of killing their enemies. It has killed many people including young children, movie goers and shoppers. Incredibly, this state of the art hardware is available quite easily to civilians. There isn’t much of a need to justify the possession of one of these high-tech killing machines. There is specialized training for young adults to learn to operate one of these items. Ideally speaking, an owner will need liability insurance. Regardless of ease of accessibility however, there aren’t reasonable laws on safe storage, no requirement that they are safely locked away. Technology exists to lock them in such a way that they can’t be operated by any except the owner. However, the death merchants who sell them and the extremist users of these “toys” refuse to consider legislation mandating such lifesaving restrictions. Perhaps this is an insult to their manhood. These people are organized too. They have dozens of organizations with millions of members that shout down any attempt at rational debate. They shout about their “rights” to utilize these weapons for “sporting” purposes. There are more consequences affecting us. Society is poisoned by the residue from the chemicals used for the propellant for these weapons of mass destruction. Even if you haven’t purchased one, we all pay the price for the use of them. Far too often, they cause accidents, injuries… deaths. The time for debate and compromise is over. It has come the time to ban them immediately. Round them up, destroy them all. Save lives. End suffering. Help society. Ban automobiles now.