photo credit: Sander van der Wel

photo credit: Sander van der Wel

Depression. According to the Oxford English Dictionary it is just “a sign of psychiatric disorder… with symptoms of misery, anguish, or guilt accompanied by headache [and] insomnia.”

However, in reality depression is much more personal.  It may attack a family member or a friend. A coworker. A neighbor. Your roommate. Yourself.

On Wed. Feb. 5 and Fri. Feb. 7 Dr. Gregory Knopf and Dr. Gary Lovejoy will be presenting two special chapels: “Depression Facts and Fiction”.

Knopf is the author of Demystifying Depression for Christians, with a background in the medical field treating anxiety and depression. While Lovejoy approaches the problem not only as a counselor with 30 years of practice, but also as a professor in religious studies at Mt. Hood Community College.

Together, the two approach the subject with expertise from multiple angles, as well as hearts to help those who are struggling.

David Sanford, Corban’s Director of Institutional Marketing, has enjoyed the ministry of both of these “good doctors.”

“Depression is something every human being experiences repeatedly through life,” said Sanford. “Students are no exception. I know that from personal experience years ago and much more recently from watching my three older children navigate through college. One felt intensely suicidal. His or her lifesaver? The psychologically, medically and biblically sound messages by our two guest speakers. My passionate message to every Corban student: Cancel any other plans. Don’t miss chapel Feb. 5 and 7.”