A group of students that have a desire to make an institutional impact: according to current ASB President Cecilee Russell, this defines ASB leadership.
ASB Leadership Model

ASB Leadership will consist of elected Cabinet Members, hired Coordinators and area representatives called the Senate.

On Jan. 14, the members of ASB announced in chapel that significant changes will be coming to leadership on campus in the coming year. Although this definition will not change, many aspects of familiarity will, from the hierarchy of positions to the positions themselves. This brainstorming started with the realization that ASB was struggling to meet the needs and desires of students both on and off campus. “Corban is growing a ton,” Russell said. “Things are changing and we are looking up. We wanted to provide more opportunities for students to get involved with ASB.” The ASB leadership model was reworked to accomplish three basic goals. First, that it would meet the needs of students. Secondly, that it would increase student voice. Finally, that it would provide clarity in programming. Some of this clarity will come with the establishment of a new hierarchy and a reworking of positions. The cabinet will be made up of elected officials, such as the president, the executive vice president, and the vice presidents of specific departments (Student Ministries, Student Initiatives, Finance and Administration, Community Engagement, and Marketing and Communication). The coordinators are hired leaders who will work directly under the cabinet members. Under the new model, the Media Arts Coordinator will be a hired individual rather than an elected one. Finally, the senate will be made up of area representatives working under the executive vice president. “We wanted you [students] to have a voice in decisions,” Russell said. “We need a consistent and reliable source for student voice.”
Organizations Coordinator Travis Carr speaks in chapel about some of the changes that will be taking place with student initiatives.

Organizations Coordinator Travis Carr speaks in chapel about some of the changes that will be taking place with student initiatives.

One of the major changes affecting the students directly is the transfer of duties of the ASB Activities Coordinator to the new Student Activities Board (SAB). The new SAB will be made up of “people who love event planning, love programming, and love creating opportunities for people to come together to have a really great time,” according to Russell. The team focused on activities will assure that funds are better spent and that there is consistency from year to year in events like the Beach Party and Barn Party that students have come to know and love. SAB will be taking over all activities on campus, meaning also that CLT will no longer exist. Current ASB Activities Coordinator Kyle Boardman said, “If we are able to increase the quality and awesomeness of those events, we want to take that opportunity.” Clubs and student endeavors will also change in the coming year, under the new management of the VP of Student Initiatives. Current ASB Organizations Coordinator Travis Carr said, “Like Allen Jones’ beard, student initiatives on campus need room to grow.” This seems to be the motto for the new changes coming to ASB. There needed to be room to grow. There needed to be more opportunities for engagement and leadership. There needed to be change. For more information on other changes taking place next year in ASB leadership, check out Hilltop print edition, email one of the current ASB members, or drop by their office on the second floor of Schimmel to chat.