Cecilee Russell and Ben Maison

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Cecilee- Running For President

Major: Business Management

Why she's running: There's a lot of momentum behind the projects that ASB has been working on this year, and I'd like to help continue those legacies by leading next year's team.

What's her game-plan? There's a huge need of outside help on ASB right now. As Corban is growing, our leadership team is being stretched thin. Ben Maison and I will be looking into the best way to get outside students involved with our program with hopes of creating more leadership opportunities for students. I'd also like to continue this year's focus on addressing the major anxieties of our student body through outlets like Fireside Chats and student surveys. Student Life was extremely responsive to our representation of student opinion this year. I believe we need to keep assessing the current thoughts and processes of this campus.

Ben- Running for Vice President

Major: Communications

Why he's running: Cecilee and I want to represent the student body and make a difference.