Buying Christmas gifts from the mall is so last season! A bracelet from Claire's? Why not make one from string and cute buttons? A scarf from Nordstrom? Why not create your own from an old t-shirt? Clothing from American Eagle? Why not decorate your own stylish shirt with a white tee, glue, and some dye?

Prewitt Resident Director Jen Ellison uses ideas from Pinterest to decorate her apartment, like this embroidered pillow she made from felt.

The possibilities for homemade gifts are endless! One popular website is making its way into the obsession of homemakers everywhere: Pinterest. This online bulliten board allows followers to "pin" links on their board to ideas that they've fallen in love with. Ranging from funny quotes and work-out ideas to crafts and recipes, Pinterest has something for everyone. My personal favorite catagory is the "Do it Yourself" or DIY crafts. Thousands of people have pinned ideas for crafts that can easily be created at home. This Christmas, there is no doubt that I will be seeking the help of Pinterest for quick and easy gift ideas for my mother, sister, and friends. But I'm not the only one who has become hooked on this addicting site. Fellow pinner Ann Amoguis speaks highly of Pinterest as well. "Pinterest is awesome," Amoguis said. "Most of my Christmas presents were inspired by Pinterest. If it wasn't for college loans, I'd spend the rest of my life doing Pinterest crafts." I have had a Pinterest account for a couple of months now, and have helped my roommate, friends from back home, mother, and sister become faithful followers. It doesn't take long for girls to attach themselves to all the treasures Pinterest has to offer. Even guys are noticing the effects of the website. Corban student Stefan Hinkley is no stranger to Pinterest. "Every time I walk into the computer lab, there are at least 3 girls on Pinterest, not doing homework," Hinkley said. So whatever you are searching for this Christmas season, check out Pinterest before you hit the mall. You never know what clever idea you might find! (