Before I begin, I have a confession to make: I am incredibly biased toward anything LEGO.

My childhood, like many others, was occupied by endless hours of clicking and snapping those colorful bricks together. So naturally, the second I heard of a LEGO movie I was incredibly excited.

From the time I took my seat in the crowded theater to when the end credits rolled, my expectations were continually blown away.

The story follows the adventures of Emmet Brickowski, an ordinary LEGO construction worker who falls (quite literally) into the midst of an ancient prophecy and a dire battle that threatens the entire LEGO universe.

Thought to be “the Chosen,” spoken of in the prophecy, Emmet joins forces with a resistance force of master builders to combat the insidious Lord Business and his plans to glue the entire LEGO world together.

In case it isn’t clear, this movie is a comedy through and through. While most movies focus on one type of humor, the LEGO Movie runs the gambit on hilarity.

Everything from puns and clever wordplay to sight gags and outright randomness is employed to induce knee-slapping laughter. The writing is brilliant and the film is chalk-full of cheeky references, inside jokes, and clever satire.

Much of the film’s punch is down to the star-studded cast of veteran voice actors. Chris Pratt (Parks and Recreation), Elizabeth Banks (Scrubs, The Hunger Games) Will Arnett, (Arrested Development, Despicable Me) Liam Neeson (Taken, The Chronicles of Narnia series), Will Ferrell (Anchorman, Elf), and Morgan Freeman (how can you not know this man?!) round out the main cast. The supporting cast is also a great list of familiar voices with the likes of Nick Offerman, Billy Dee Williams, Charlie Day, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Even Shaquille O’Neal makes an appearance (in LEGO form of course).

Apart from being hilariously funny and brilliantly acted, the movie is a joy to experience. Every part of the world, from rivers and mountains to explosions and skyscrapers are wonderfully animated using virtual LEGO bricks. The music is excellent and the upbeat tune of “Everything is Awesome” by Teagan & Sara and The Lonely Island will be stuck in your head for days.

From beginning to end, the movie is a major nostalgia trip. The whole time I was noticing LEGO set pieces I used to build as a child and felt that old desire to create something new. The movie is a breath of fresh air into the tried and true LEGO franchise.

But in all seriousness, the movie also presents some deep and important ideas that ring true for Christians.

The LEGO Movie is in theaters in now.

The LEGO Movie is in theaters in now.

Throughout the film, the idea that no matter how ordinary someone is, they have the potential to change the entire world is heavily reinforced.

The movie also encourages parents to let their children develop their creative talents and to shy away from perfectionism.

With a PG rating, the movie is family friendly (which is not always the case), but don’t think for a second it is all silly child humor, I found myself laughing even more than the middle-schoolers in front of me.

So if you are looking for a fantastically-funny film for the whole family or just want to take a trip down nostalgia lane, the LEGO movie will certainly fit the bill.

As the song goes, “everything is awesome” when it comes to this picture.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to call my parents and apologize for all the LEGO bricks they stepped on during my childhood.