Corban is an incredible place to attend school—not only do students receive a stellar education, but it is all done in a welcoming Christian environment. There is spiritual support from students, faculty and staff, and students have the opportunity to grow in their walks with God on a daily basis simply by stepping foot onto campus. Given all this, it makes sense that some would want to stick around following graduation.
Maddie Beals with her mother, Larissa Smith Beals ('85, at the 2014 commencement ceremony.

Maddie Beals with her mother, Larissa Smith Beals ('85), at the 2014 commencement ceremony.

Maddie Beals graduated from Corban in May and is back again this fall as part of the admissions team. She started work the first week of September. “I always knew I would love to work for Corban and that it was a great option,” said Beals. She grew up coming to and knowing about Corban—her parents attended school and met at Western Baptist, and her older sister graduated from Corban before her. So, when she heard about an opening on the team last spring, she was thrilled. Beals emailed Heidi Stowman, filled out an application, took part in an interview… and didn’t get the job. But, the cool thing about God is that he works outside of believers’ plans—he has a perfect plan of his own to put into motion. “It actually turned out well because it gave me more opportunities this summer to work and serve in my church,” said Beals. Near the end of the summer, admissions counselor Bridget Bartmess (who also attended Corban and was hired on following graduation) found a teaching job and announced she was no longer going to be working for Corban. Beals jumped at the opportunity, called Stowman once again, and started officially working as an admissions counselor soon after. About a week after starting, Beals began her travel season, where the admissions team goes to different schools across the country to recruit for Corban. So far, Beals has travelled to northern California, and will begin visiting local schools this week. Beals said, “I love seeing students’ eyes light up as they hear about it, realizing, ‘I could go to Corban and it would be a great fit for me.’” Overall, Beals loves being back at her alma mater, even if it is in a different setting than she’s been accustomed to. “I was expecting to feel more a part of campus, so that’s been different,” said Beals. “But, Corban is not a hard thing to sell, and I love it. I know how big of a role it played in my life, and I get to share that with other students.”     For more information on working for Corban as a student, contact Student Life at