“Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.”

Psalm 25:5
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How to overcome the friend zone and other world problems

How to overcome the friend zone and other world problems

Eleanor Fazzari gives a review of Youtuber Jordan Taylor's channel Blimey Cow. Taylor covers things from the dreaded friend zone to how to know if you're a homeschooler. Read here to see what Fazzari has to say about this Blimey Cow business.
Corban can't accept 'just friends'

Corban can’t accept ‘just friends’

Staff reporter Eleanor Fazzari conducts a social experiment by spending time alone on campus with one of her guy friends. The hasty generalizations from Corban students confirmed suspicions that being friends on campus means unwanted attention from everybody else.

The hidden treasures of Corban University

We all meander down the hallways of the library, but usually we are too preoccupied to actually look at the artifacts inside the glass cabinets. The Prewitt-Allen Archaeological Musem is a local attraction, but we take it for granted.

Corban Student and Ugandan Athlete?

Corban junior Jake Bowdoin shares his story of living in Uganda and competing on Uganda Christian University's track team last semester.

Changes in Student Organizations

Changes in Student Organizations on Corban’s campus came with the beginning of the school year and a new ASB team. ASB Organizations Coordinator David Holcomb wants to see Student Organizations thrive this year more than ever before.