By Janie Vohland, RN Just how important is good health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to a successful college experience? Does it even matter at all?  When you arrived at college as an excited freshman or a seasoned transfer student, I suspect that not one of you had intentionally devised and purposed to carry out a plan to sabotage your educational experience.  You arrived full of dreams and expectations for how this experience would equip you for and propel you into a satisfying, productive, God-honoring future.  I know I did, nearly 50 years ago. So what gets in the way of this happening and is there any way to be proactive and at times reactive to stay on or get back on track?  Some of you were born with or acquired along the way challenges that you are learning to embrace as a part of who you are – those “unchangeables.” Some of you will face challenges during your college career that may tend to be temporary setbacks as you learn a new “normal.” These are most likely events/things you have little to no control over. And yet, there are things you can do to be at your best to face life head on and here at Corban University we want to give you every opportunity to do so.  We are desirous that you be healthy in every area of your life and therefore make services and people available to assist you in that endeavor. To promote spiritual health, Corban has godly men and women working as staff and faculty who come alongside questioning or searching students, eager to talk, befriend, mentor and pray.  We have an inspiring chapel program, praise and worship opportunities and small group Bible studies for your edification. To promote and aid in mental and emotional health, we have a new counselor and counseling center in Balyo, staffed to care for you.  Once or twice a month on Wednesday, a local chiropractor is on campus up in the gym to see anyone in the Corban community needing an adjustment. Corban contracts with an excellent dining service, Aramark, to provide nutritious and wholesome food daily to keep your bodies strong and healthy. A local medical clinic sends personnel to attend to the health needs of students and staff right on campus in the health office every other Thursday morning and the health office is open 35 hours a week when school is in session as a resource to provide over-the-counter meds, equipment, health counseling and education, referrals, treatments and testing to encourage optimum health and success during your college years and the development of wise habits to guide your health throughout life. But YOU must avail yourself of these resources as you have need in order to maintain good health.  We are here for you!