Sophomore Carrie Rasmussen is currently in Germany participating in Corban’s AMBEX study abroad program. We asked for an update on her experiences thus far, and this is her response:

“This past week has had so many different events that it’s hard to keep track! We’ve hiked through the Bavarian forest to the ruins of a castle, walked through the German countryside, canoed down the Knob river, traveled on trains, and listened to a traditional German folk band during a folk fair! It’s nearing Octoberfest, so there is an abundance of lederhosen and dirndls.

I would say that the most exciting experience so far has been simply living and interacting within the German culture around me. They are friendly here, and more than willing to carry on a conversation with Americans. I went to an Irish pub the other night and had a conversation about America vs. Germany with the typical German man drinking his big mug of beer. It was fantastic!

The thing that I’ve found most challenging is trying to keep up with academics while Europe is buzzing right outside the window and distracting me! That, and also that fact that I miss Corban, my friends, and my family a lot! It is difficult being so far away, but at least Facebook is still available in Germany, which makes staying connected loads easier!

What has made me grow the most spiritually is just the fact that being overseas makes me even more dependent upon God for my basic needs, communication, and safety in places and cultures so completely different from my own. Traveling overseas really forces you to completely trust in God and His abilities to keep you from harm.”

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Carrie Rasmussen stands with Master's College student Rachael LaCom in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

Carrie Rasmussen stands with Master’s College student Rachael LaCom in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.