The start of the school year always produces anxiety and stress.  The incoming students are unsure of what to expect from this different style of life.  Those who are returning are prepared to deal with the stresses that come as a part of the environment. Helping to deal with these moments of angst and overwhelming is the trademark start of the Ultimate Frisbee League for the Intramural Department of Corban University’s Campus Recreation program.
Ultimate Frisbee has become a tradition on Corban's campus. Photo courtesy of Donny Zavala Photography

Ultimate Frisbee has become a tradition on Corban's campus.
Photo courtesy of Donny Zavala Photography

In keeping with tradition, Intramurals started off all of its events with the ever popular outdoor sport of Ultimate Frisbee.  Each year this event has expanded more and more and this year was no exception.  With the start of this league, Intramurals experienced the most teams signed up for it in the history of the program.  A total of 10 teams registered to be a part of the first outdoor event hosted for the student body. Despite the great number of teams, only six would make it to the playoffs.  Due to weather delays, these playoffs were held on the 2nd and 3rd of October.  The top two (Big Red! Badgers captained by Logan Graham, and To Infinity & the Flick captained by Mary Suddarth) teams received an automatic by into the second of three rounds of the playoff bracket.  The remaining four had to battle for a spot into the second round. In the first round of playoffs, The Old and the Beautiful, under the leadership of their captain by Tyler Wells, managed to make it to the second round due to an unforeseen forfeit by team May the Fris-bee with You.  The second game of the first round finished with a dominating 15-1 win by The Yechtaculars with a superb guidance by team captain Trevor Wells.  Both Wells’ teams would live to fight another day in the Ultimate Playoff picture. The next round would prove to be a challenging and interesting one.  Captain Graham’s team would prove their top ranking in the league by eliminating The Old and the Beautiful with a 14-9 win and thus securing their spot in the finals.  On the other hand, The Yechtaculars managed to pull off a victory upsetting Captain Suddarth’s higher ranking team with a 13-6 victory. The conclusion of the 2013 Fall Season of Ultimate Frisbee would be played on the IM field.  After nearly a month of games between ten teams, it all came down to one final game.  In keeping with their record, the Big Red! Badgers would take their winning streak all the way and become the Fall 2013 Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Champions.