On Tues. Oct. 29, the Warrior’s men’s basketball team set off to start their season against the NCAA Division I Oregon State Beavers.  This preseason game was designed to test the growth and potential of the newly restructured Corban basketball program. Corban, a NAIA Division II school was facing off against the athleticism that comes with the highest of collegiate divisions. The Warriors didn’t face this challenge alone.  Campus Recreation sponsored two vans to take 25 of the most decked out Fanatics into the heart of Beaver-nation, Gill Coliseum. Director of Campus Recreation Donny Zavala, offered the first responding students the chance to get free tickets and a ride to Gill Coliseum in support of the inauguration of basketball for Corban University.  In addition to that, those students also would partake of a pizza dinner at Papa’s Pizza located off of 3rd Street upon entering Corvallis. The Warrior Fanatics proved to show the needed support to cheer on their team as they faced off one of the PAC 12 teams.  Being only the first game of the pre-season, the Beaver fans were small in numbers and demonstrated little interest for the game.  This would give the Fanatics a chance to make their voices heard while distracting the OSU squad on their free throws. In addition, the Warrior Fanatics made their presence known during the halftime show.  While the teams were in the locker rooms, the host university held a half court shooting competition with the grand prize of free tickets to see the upcoming OSU vs. Concordia University men’s basketball game.  With many failed attempts by the local residents, it was our very own Daniel Patterson who sunk in the half-court shot to win the tickets. At the end of the night, the men’s basketball program did a decent job of staying in the game despite the final score—their fans stayed with them until the end. After the game, all 30+ students carpooled back in the two Corban University vans and a couple of vehicles graciously offered up by some of the Fanatics. All in all, it was a good experience. Katie Anderson, an Athletic Trainer for the school who volunteered to drive one of the vans full of Fanatics seemed to enjoy the night. “On the way back to Salem I was blessed with very talented rhythm and vocals from the students who were in my van! It made my heart smile,” said Anderson.