It was the night after April fools,

and all through the gym,

ping pong tables were set up,

awaiting a tournament to begin.

Paddles were set up

Near the pizza with care

In hopes that a the contestants

Would soon make them disappear.


On April 2 Corban Intramurals hosted the 2013 Spring Semester Tables Tennis Tournament.  It was a night filled with fun, intensity, champions, and food.

Bryce Peterson and Brett Johnson took home the gold in the doubles portion of the event.

Doubles The doubles competition started the night with seven teams in a blind draw to get their places in the tournament bracket. The teams then battled through a best of three games to 21, the tie breaker to 11, in order to propel to the next level of the brackets. With fierce competition from teams determined to prove their worth, the games escalated into great competition.  Unfortunately, there can only be champion.  Facing off in the final game was Jared Lambert and David Patterson against Bryce Peterson and Brett Johnson. In an epic championship game, one team would remain standing- and neither would give up easily.  In contrast to the first few rounds of the tournament, the finals game would be a best three of five games.  The participants did not disappoint.  Bringing it down to the very last game, Peterson and Johnson pulled off the win claiming this term’s Table Tennis Doubles Tournament Champions.

Steffan Bard took home the championship title in singles tables tennis.

Singles Upon the conclusion of the Doubles tournament, it was time for the table tennis pros to show off their talent and skills all by themselves.  In honor of March Madness, the Singles Tournament was held in a Sweet 16 format. With Table Tennis Madness in full swing, all 16 players fought hard to prove who deserved to be top dog.  In order to advance a player had to ensure a two game victory over their opponent. The night came down to a final battle between Steven Mason and Steffan Bard.  The only thing between them and the title was each other. In the final set, all scores were tied with only two points left to score.  Thanks to his composure and his perseverance, Stephan was able to get back to back points to take the title. At the end of the night, the champions were declared, the pizza was eaten, the sodas and Gatorades were consumed. It was all just another fun night at an intramural event. To stay updated on Corban's intramurals like their page on Facebook:   Collin Allen is a student writer for Corban Intramurals.