By Jordin Lineback As a fan of Halloween, I must admit my costume has been ready to go since the beginning of the semester. However, with Halloween just around the corner some are still scrambling for costume ideas. If this sounds like you, have no fear— this comprehensive and totally scientific list (sort of) has all of the best and most popular of 2013. Breaking Bad With what may be called one of the greatest season finales of all time, Breaking Bad came to a conclusion earlier this year. Fans, however, are carrying out the legacy as long as possible, starting with Halloween costumes. So, guys, shave your heads, grow out those goatees, and dawn your hazmat suits: Walter White is coming back. (In contrast, if you men feel like starting No-Shave November early, you can always go for the Duck Dynasty look. Classic.) Minions Breaking Bad isn’t the only costume comeback of the year. Despicable Me 2 premiered during the summer, highlighting the fan favorites: Minions. Children and adults alike are taking on this wonderful feat, and the results are pretty darn adorable, if I do say so myself. Surprisingly, one costume that didn’t make much of a comeback was Superman, even with the new summer movie. Small, talking, yellow critters: 1. Superman: 0. Zombies For a long while (much, much too long), Twilight  fever overtook America, and vampires made a rise in costume popularity. However, recently, it’s been goodbye sparkle, hello living dead. Zombies are all the rage right now, mostly due to the series The Walking Dead. Personally, the show is a little too much for my stomach to handle, though, I must admit I’m a fan of the movie Warm Bodies. So, as gruesome as this choice may be, I salute it wholeheartedly. Miley Cyrus Some costumes, on the other hand, are not so salute-able. Need a last minute costume? [Insert sarcasm here.]  Get your twerking on and start stripping, because it seems like that’s all she does anymore. Not Corban Appro-pro. Oddly enough, in 2008 Miley’s clothed alter-ego, Hannah Montana, was one of the most popular children’s costumes of the year. Fame is a slippery slope, little Hannah. The Fox This is, in all honesty, probably my favorite costume on this list. Can’t get the Ring-Ding-Ding-ing out of your head? Neither can the rest of the world. Give into resistance and dress up in accordance to Ylvis’ oh-so-popular music video, “What Does the Fox Say?” But be warned: you may get a dirty look or two from your peers who also can’t get the song out of their heads. But hey, at least you’re embracing it, and the pure joy that will come from this costume will be well worth it. Anticipation is brimming within me as I type, purely from the excitement of seeing what all you wonderful Warriors will do for this Halloween. Hopefully, this sparked an idea or two for some of you. And last but not least, my final suggestion for your Halloween costume, whatever it is you choose: make it count!