Access to clean water is a basic human right. Right?

That’s what Austin Guzzon, a senior this year, brought to the attention of the Corban administration last Oct. Frustrated with having to time his day around refilling his water bottle, Guzzon began to think of how to make Corban more environmental friendly and therefore, a better a community.

Austin Guzzon next to the water fill station he proposed.

Austin Guzzon next to the water fill station he proposed.

Water fountains.

When Guzzon began this project and his research there were only four water fountains on campus and none were filtered water. He looked into neighboring universities, which had bottle filling systems. He saw Corban making strides in other aspects, but lacking in water. To bring about change on campus he needed to garner student support. Sending out a survey over various social media forms, Guzzon gained 10 percent of the university voice in responses giving him support for a new water fountain, an Elkay’s EZH20 bottle filling station.

The station encourages the use of re-usable bottles, rather than plastic, and better hydration.

Guzzon met with President Nord regarding his proposal of implementing water fill stations. Over winter break, the first station was installed on first floor Schimmel.

“We hope to replace other existing water fountains on campus with these water bottle stations, as well as add new stations at strategic locations on campus,” Dr. Nord said. “This is good health for those who are conscientious about hydrating, and good for the environment.”

Students can see value in the fill station and what it offers.
“It works great for night classes,” Carol Sotoj said. “You can fill up your bottle and go to class.”

However, some view its proximity to classrooms for day classes is less than desired.
“Maybe if it was in Pavilion or up in Caulkins where classes are I’d use it,” Katrina Garcia said.

Beyond providing better access to clean water, Guzzon also wants students to feel encouraged to take initiative. When Guzzon presented his proposal he was told no other students had pointed out the limited supply of filtered water. This was shocking to him, how could this problem exist yet, no one have said anything before.

In order to make a difference people need to put themselves out there, and “recognize the problem right in from them,” Guzzon said.

Or as Mr. Bigweld says in the movie “Robots”: “See a need, fill a need.”