A shot of the audience enjoying RESCUE's performance. Photo by Kristin Aalto

A shot of the audience enjoying RESCUE’s performance.
                                                              Photo by Kristin Aalto

Last Friday, Sept. 27, Corban hosted a national award-winning vocal group, RESCUE.

The group originated 16 years ago in Portland, Oregon and was led by Jason Overstreet. It was after his senior recital in college that Overstreet approached three of the other participants in the recital and asked if they would make a quartet with him.

Before that year, Overstreet had never performed vocally. He grew up playing piano but when he broke his hand during a high school basketball game, he was forced to stop playing.

His senior year of high school he took vocal lessons and began to pursue singing. Although it was not the original four, Overstreet took on full time performing professionally by 1999.

Overstreet also mentioned that he runs a vocal program at Warner Pacific.

“It’s kind of cool teaching what I do,” he said.

The group often features different vocalists and changes things up often.

Of the four men that performed on Friday, only two of them sing regularly with RESCUE.