If you saw the row of flashing blue and red lights off Aumsville Highway last night, don’t be alarmed. A four-hour search of the area turned up nothing after reported gunshots were heard.

Santiam Correctional Institution is directly across from Corban University

At 10 p.m. the Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded in force to the report of gunshots at Santiam Correctional Institution, the prison located just around the corner from Corban on Aumsville Highway. Corban’s chief of security Mike Roth was advised to tell students to keep clear of the highway until the scene could be cleared. A mass email went out to students and Roth made sure that all the dorms and buildings on campus were secure. Marion County S.W.A.T team was called out to investigate the scene but nothing indicating a crime was found, Roth said. The highway was cleared at 2 a.m. “Nothing was found but they’re going to continue to search the grounds for any evidence,” added Roth.