If you’ve noticed campus shining a little brighter than usual, you’re not alone. Many students and faculty have been speculating the cause behind the recent explosion of glitter that litters the grounds. Did Ke$ha visit Corban? Or perhaps a Sunday school craft went horribly wrong. Or maybe as professor Ryan Stark suggests, a unicorn (of which there are several in Oregon) made the unfortunate error of looking directly into the eyes of a basilisk. Corban may be magical, but that isn’t the primary reason of the new decoration. As it turns out, a few students just wanted to see the campus sparkle. On Feb. 8, it was Michael West’s birthday. West’s roommate, Seth West, Shelby Milionis and Austen Wilks threw a party for Michael in Farrar. “It involved throwing glitter- like confetti at me as I walked into the lobby,” Michael said. The glitter continued to be thrown at Michael behind the dorm and then as most things do with students, the situation escalated and soon the idea was to throw glitter throughout the campus. “It looked fantastic,” Michael said. The students even ran out and went to Wal-Mart to buy more, proceeding to decorate the campus later in the evening. It was a simple task for the students. “After celebrating we just weren't ready to call it a night,” Milionis said. Since glitter travels fast on the bottoms of wet shoes it didn’t take long for the students to realize that their night of fun created quite the problem for campus care. After all, glitter doesn’t come out of the carpets terribly well. “We had no intention of making other people’s lives more difficult,” Michael said. “We just wanted to glitter the campus.”