Rebekah Peters holds a sign welcoming incoming freshmen and their families.

Rebekah Peters holds a sign welcoming incoming freshmen and their families.

Friday August 21, 2015 marked the start of Freshman Orientation for the incoming graduating class of 2019. The Associated Student Body (ASB),

Student Activities Board (SAB), and the Community Life Team (CLT) were present to cheer on students and parents as they made their way onto campus for registration and move-in. Boxes were moved, roommates met each other for the first time and the activities of Freshman Orientation commenced.

Freshman Sam Reno said that his favorite part about orientation was move-in. “I liked getting to know all the guys in the hall—all the incoming freshmen and even some of the returners.” Reno enjoyed the experience of meeting the people he would spend the next school year doing life with, and he wasn’t the only one. Commuter and new transfer student, Wyatte Hooper, said that orientation was a great time to meet new people and make new friends.

Corban’s theme for this year is “Made New” and the incoming freshman class wore gray t-shirts declaring this theme. When asked how she was going to embrace the theme, freshman Amanda Loop said that it was an opportunity for her to “start over and grow deeper in faith and embrace what Christ has done” in her life. Other students shared Loop’s perspective that living at Corban and the theme would provide the perfect opportunity to grow deeper in their faith. Reno expressed the same longing to “re-connect with Christ” since he grew up in the church and is now making his faith more his own. Hooper expressed how he is using his opportunity at Corban to help “shift perspectives” and follow “God’s calling” in his life and major.

Freshman Orientation was a time for the freshmen to get acquainted with Corban and with one another.  Freshman Camille Williams said that all the activities during orientation surprised her in that they made her feel more part of a community—the Corban community.  “Core groups are great! It’s like being paired with people who are just like you and you all speak the same language and are already a group.” Loop also expressed that every event made her feel a part of the community and helped her to make connections.

As the new school year begins, Corban welcomes all new students, both transfers and freshmen, to the community to thrive and be made new.