Go to AMBEX, they said; it will be fun, they said; you cannot go, they said to a few. Corban students hoping to spend their next academic semester abroad in Germany were confronted with a Catch-22, having to race against peers for coveted spots for the fall 2015 semester. Corban is allotted to send 20 students in a year, 12 per semester, said Director of Student Support Daren Millionis. Those who did not make the cut were conflicted with varying emotions, ranging from confusion to praise. “I was getting stressed about paying, so I prayed,” freshman Cheyenne Avery said. “I realized if I’m to go, He’ll make a way. The next day I got the email saying the spots were filled.” As students are coming to terms with the new direction for their fall semester, others are trying to comprehend their upcoming international travels. “I’ve always wanted to study abroad, as cliché as that sounds,” freshman Missy Ralphs said. “To see the world with my friends and see other peoples’ cultures, outside of my home in Idaho.” During a lunchtime interest session, Millionis said there has never been so much interest and commitment from students this early in a semester. “We had 15 total,” said Kylie Hineman, AMBEX spring 2014 alumna. “A smaller atmosphere was beneficial to learning. Fewer Corban students would mean more diversity and more schools.” Although the cap of 12 is saddening, some students are seeing worth in its intention. “The cap is meant to create a close-knit community,” Ralphs said. “However, 12 doesn’t seem like much.” There is a faint light at the end of the tunnel for students wanting to study abroad. AMBEX and Corban are currently in discussion regarding the possibility of increasing the semester quota to allow more students to attend, said AMBEX Enrollment Director Kelley Orr. While discussions continue over the number of spots Corban is allowed for the fall semester, students are encouraged to still make the deposit of $600 to save a spot on the waiting list. The deposit is refundable to those not accepted into the fall AMBEX semester.