Ties, button-up shirts, dresses, heels, catering that isn’t Aramark, cloth napkins, and projectors. If you were at Corban’s first film festival on Saturday these elements were part of your night. The festival was held at the Salem Conference Center and was followed by a dance, which included quite an enthusiastic DJ. Six student made videos were shown and six awards were given out: Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Best Comedy, Best Editing, Best Drama, and Best Overall Film.

Senior Katherine Hormann was not only awarded Best female Actor for her film “The Commuter,” but also her self directed movie received Best Overall Film. In her film she comically displays her struggles as the commuter with the “creeper van.”

Check out the other films here:

Life in the House Down the Block- http://youtu.be/5_q920QxjjQ

Hide and Seek- http://youtu.be/qgeURpkwb9w

Good Will Bassham- http://youtu.be/97ALyH-EMAs

Bricks and Tricks- http://youtu.be/2TqydMWe0tg

Super Smash Brothers Tryouts- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBPycdWmqzg&feature=share&list=UUJV82RqXX4AhSzqp-APbCEg