Upon walking into the Psalm Center, it can be a bit offsetting at first to see all the chairs arranged facing the side wall, but then you find a seat. You take in the expert lighting and intentional mood being set, and you’re overtaken by an admiration for our Creator; you’re reminded why we’re all here at Corban. On Sept. 8, around 200 Corban students went to the first ASB Worship Night. To open, Tyler Lebien, an ASB Worship Coordinator, prayed, asking God to grant us a time of peace and that the night would be one that would set a precedent for the rest of the week. “It's a time where we can let go of our daily stress and grab hold to the personhood of God,” Lebien said later in the evening. “I want that time to be for the students to find God in different ways and to replenish that hole in our heart that only God fills. I also want them to be community based, whether that be as a school or reaching out to non-believers in the community.” Micah Demmer lead vocalalist and guitarist, Adrian Garrido on bass, and Brock Jones on keyboard led the expectant students through the time of worship. Throughout the hour, they performed ten songs. Students sang out with all their hearts, and several sat down in surrender and prayer. Rebekah Quaglio said, “I loved the fact that we were all in the presence of God, and if you just sat there and listened you could hear all the vocals and the harmonies and the melodies praising God.” Kim Rorman, another ASB Worship Coordinator, has huge hopes for what this monthly worship night can be. “I would love to see them grow past just the traditional form of music,” she said. “I see worship as simply taking what God has already blessed us with and offering it back to him. Music is a wonderful way to connect with the Lord, but it is only one of endless possibilities. I don't know exactly what this looks like yet, but, hopefully, you'll be able to start seeing these things happen in the upcoming worship nights.” ASB is already planning the next Worship Night on Oct. 8, where King’s Kaleidoscope, a Christian band from Seattle, Washington, will be performing. “I believe that bringing King's Kaleidoscope in will not only just be an awesome musical concert, but a chance to hear from people who have traveled the world,” Lebien said, “and to hear about how God is doing awesome things globally.” I think we can all relate to the idea of being able to spend time with God in a very real way around people who love Him and want to follow Him just as much as we do. Being able to worship as a school is one of the ways that our campus is different from other college campuses and the rest of the world. We are here at this school because we believe in a focused devotion to God, and I could think of no better representation of “gift for God” than what students get to be a part of during a worship night.

Micah Demmer and Brock Jones

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Micah Demmer plays guitar and sings while Brock Jones accompanies him.