If you see someone walking around with a creepy red smile painted on their face or crazy, colorful, curly hair, I promise you didn’t wander into the set of a horror movie, and you’re not going crazy. In fact, this horror has swept through the nation starting in North Carolina. Since the end of August, clown attacks have been everyone’s biggest fear from the minute they leave their home.
   So what do you do when you see someone with crazy red hair and a big red nose? Strike, scream, run? Is that really the only option we have to survive the clown infestation sweeping the nation?
Sophia Valdez is a freshman at Corban University.

Sophia Valdez is a freshman at Corban University.

   First thing first, it’s okay to be scared. In fact, feel terrified! Just don’t let them see it. These culprits are driven by fear. They will see you’re terrified and harass you to their full ability. Do not approach them under any circumstances. After all, you don’t know who is under the mask and whether or not they are wielding a weapon.
   Recently, trending videos online show fed-up citizens attacking these clowns. As hilarious as these videos are, it’s been stated by police that you should not approach them. Instead, get as far away from them as possible and notify the authorities.
   Remember how your mom always warned you about stranger-danger? Well, here’s a stranger you don’t want to get anywhere near; let the police or campus security do their job and handle the situation. It’ll be less work for both parties and you’ll stay safe. After you do see a clown, make sure you stay indoors, turn on some Netflix and try to stay as calm as possible.
   In the meantime, stay safe! Use the typical safety rules your parents taught you as a kid! Walk with a buddy, stay in well-lit areas at night, don’t be blasting music in your headphones and looking down at your phone and whatever you do, don’t go anywhere near a forest because some creepy clown is bribing you with candy!