Adele is not the only one “to turn up out of the blue uninvited.” She has nothing on those extra pounds some may accumulate, after consuming large portioned holiday meals and mom’s home cooked dinners, over winter break. It’s as if us students go home and devour all the food humanly possible, because we won’t be getting that kind of food for another three months. Okay, so maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but how can you incorporate quick healthy habits into your hectic schedules this semester? Shannon Simmons, the assistant professor of human performance, suggests four simple and short exercises you can add into your schedule:
  • Everyday do as many sets of 10 pushups and sit-ups your body will allow.
  • While watching television do squats, lunges, push-ups, or jumping jacks during each commercial.
  • Use the warrior drive hill to your advantage, by sprinting or speed walking up and down it.
  • Walk the longer route back to your dorm.
“If you do not make exercise a priority in college then it is more likely you won’t after college. So now is the time to make it part of your routine,” she said. Claire Richter adds to that list, she maximizes her time by doing calf raises while brushing her teeth. When referring to doing reps of a particular exercise she suggests not counting, but doing the each exercise for fifteen minutes. Another way to use time efficiently is to use shower time to stretch out tight muscles as Melissa Jones suggests. “An exercise does not have to take much time, as long as you’re consistent,” Richter said. After exercise Simmons suggests making smart food decisions. “You need a large variety of fruits and vegetables for immune system function, lean proteins for healthy cells and muscle recovery, and whole grains for energy,” said Simmons. Although Aramark has plenty of unhealthy temptations, Simmons recommends eating “a large healthy salad every day” and “if you eat the hamburgers and pizza, limit that to once a week.” Aside from Aramark you can buy inexpensive and easy to prep items for your dorm room or apartment. “I like having bananas, almonds, apples, protein powder or nonfat dried milk to add to oatmeal, string cheese, plain yogurt, and brown rice cakes,” says Simmons. Richter suggests using the oil and seasoning to add flavor to salads and fresh vegetables and Jones recommends using the Aramark grill to make creative sandwiches with vegetables, and her final advice “Try to stay away from the hot food under the warmer.”