Saying goodbye to the professors we have gotten to know so well is difficult. We are saying farewell to a staff member to whom we have opened our hearts, in some cases telling our innermost secrets, trials and sorrows. Stephanie Husk has been at Corban for over 10 years, teaching classes since the beginning and counseling students for eight years. Many of us know her oversized leather chairs and her lavender walled office very well. With her service to so many Corban students, it’s hard to imagine her elsewhere. But God has a new plan for our beloved counselor. Salem Alliance has a program called Life Path and Husk has been asked to be its director. Life Path is a group recovery program, providing a way for people to recover from addictions, anger, anxiety and/or sexual impurity. Her new job fits well with her degree, but will be completely different from her job at Corban. She will be going from one-on-one counseling to working with groups and switching from a clinical role to a more pastoral teaching role. Husk will be coordinating with the community and with the missionary branches of Life Path in Russia and Canada. The interviewing processes for Husk’s replacement won’t start until next month. Her replacement needs to have a license and two years of experience, so it’s not likely to be any of Corban’s own counseling graduate program students. “I have grown as a person, counselor and believer through my job here,” Husk said, “through observing the courage, perseverance and Corban students’ desire to heal. Thank you, Corban.” Husk will still be teaching her online graduate and Adult Degree Program classes. “I can’t imagine leaving fully,” she said.