To check out a video of the behind the scenes work click here What two things go well together? Movies and Legos. Everyone loves movies and many people have played with Legos. Together they form the Lego movie. The Lego Movie is an animated full-length film collaboration between Legos and Warner Brothers Pictures. With an all-star cast with the talents of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, and Morgan Freeman. The movie, which is already in theaters is an animated film based on the popular line of construction toys. Twin brothers Richard and Ryan Riffle are known for the videos they have made together. The Riffle Brothers have combined their talents of art and movie-making to produce a movie trailer just for the Lego Movie. What makes the trailer unique is that the Riffles chose to use cardboard cutouts of the characters and the set for the film as they couldn’t use CGI or get the exact Lego pieces from the film. They wanted to make it by drawing each picture on a whiteboard but found that making cardboard cutouts for the set, characters, and props was easier. “After going to Walmart and picking up a car full of cardboard, we got started!” said Ryan. They had entered The Lego Movie Sweded Trailer Contest, in which the trailer deemed the best by Warner Brothers would win. The prize would be 12,000 dollars. The Riffles won the contest and split the prize between themselves. “They told us that Warner Brothers liked our video so much that they wanted Behind the Scenes of how we made it as well if we could,” said Ryan. Richard and Ryan made not only the trailer but they also made a behind the scenes video explaining how they made the trailer. They uploaded their video to YouTube and have had over 100,000 views. “We spent 200 hours on the video itself and are so glad God gave us the patience and the strength to pull off all those late nights!” said Ryan.