What happens when students from one dorm prank another dorm? Prank wars! That’s what has been happening between Balyo/Davidson and Farrar/Aagard. The first prank to be pulled against the dorms occured on Sept. 10 when the Balyo RAs noticed their cars were covered with shaving cream. On Balyo RD Katy Drake’s car there was a note that read, “Hahaha! That’s what you get Balyo! Hahaha! Love Davidson!” It looked like men from Davidson did it until the RAs of Davidson denied any involvement and the blame shifted to Farrar and Aagard.

Julia Quiring holds up the note that started it all.

Two days after the shaving cream was found on the cars, silly string was found in front of Balyo as well as a longer, typed note. “Something gets done to Balyo and, because Davidson is aligned with them, something happens back to the original instigator, say Farrar, in which case Aagard may respond,” said Adam Sutton, Davidson RA. “I feel I should clarify that this is not a WAR. It's an attempt. Balyo's been pranked multiple times, but we haven't returned the pranks,” stated Balyo RA Julia Quirling. Balyo has not retaliated against Farrar and Aagard yet. Drake admits she is surprised that Balyo has not retaliated. She remains uninvolved with the prank war but she does have some guidelines regarding pranks. “I ask them," she said, "does the prank cause damage property? Does it cause harm? Who is going to clean it up?” Another prank war had been going on between Farrar and Aagard. It started when a woman from Aagard accused a guy from Farrar of stealing the Aagard “A” - a giant letter kept in Aagard. Aagard retaliated by taking couch cushions, a ping pong ball dispenser, and even Farrar RA Seth Cory’s “scare-wolf”. Then, Farrar retaliated by putting live goldfish in Aagard RA Shelley Dean’s sink. A girl also ordered a dead dog shark online that was put on Farrar’s porch. “They put a dead shark on our porch and then we buried it around Aagard so it would smell terrible,” said Farrar RA Chaz Luchterhand. After the dog shark, the prank war between Aagard and Farrar stopped. “Some of the Fraagardians decided that it would be funny to prank Balyo and write a note that made it look as if Davidson had pranked them,” commented Aagard RA Olivia James. “We have yet to retaliate but, you can be sure we will,” assured Sutton.