King’s Kaleidoscope, based out of Seattle, Washington, performed their final concert of the season Oct. 8 in the Psalm Center. Joey and Friends opened for the band.

Joey and Friends performing "From this Valley". Photo by: Gabby Kupfer.

Joey and Friends performing “From this Valley”. Photo by: Gabby Kupfer.

Travis Carr, ASB vice-president of Student Ministries, started the night with prayer and introduced Joey and Friends, led by student Joey Meador and alumna Brooke Meador and included Ryan Shrout on lead guitar, David Frost on keys, Peter Elliott on the bass, and Kyle Peek on drums.

The first song of their set was an upbeat rock rendition of the Doxology. They also performed a cover of “From This Valley,” initially performed by The Civil Wars, which Joey and Brooke Meador performed at Battle of the Bands last year.

“It just flowed through me,” student Danielle French said. At one point, the musicians gathered in a circle at a single microphone, claiming they were going “campfire style.” They brought a contemporary vibe to the night yet also a home-church-worship atmosphere as well.

There was a 15 minute intermission while Kings Kaleidoscope set up their stage before being introduced by Carr.

King’s Kaleidoscope began as an outreach at University of Washington, based out of Mars Hill Church. Chad Gardner started the group in 2010 looking for an orchestral indie sound. Their members include Andrew Nyte on drums, John Platter drums and percussion, Zack Walkingstick, bass, Nadia Ifland Essenpreis, keyboard, violin and accordion; Lindsay Gardner playing cello and keyboard, Julianne Smith on violin and vocals, and Jared Buck on guitar and vocals.

King's Kaleidoscope performing in the Psalm Center. Photo by: Gabby Kupfer

King’s Kaleidoscope performing in the Psalm Center. Photo by: Gabby Kupfer

“We’re giving you guys everything we’ve got!” Gardner said after the opening song,”Dreams.”

King’s Kaleidoscope also played “Seek The Kingdom,” “I Know,” “Felix Culpa,” “Light After Darkness” and “Defender.”

Gardner said the song “Felix Culpa” is about the fortunate fall, seeing goodness in the face of our sin and not dwelling on our fallen nature.

A few hymns re-written to accompany the plethora of instruments were “Be Thou My Vision,” “How Deep The Father’s Love,” “All Creatures/Come Thou Fount,” and “Christ Alone.”

Lead vocalist Chad Gardner explained that the band originated at a church plant on the University of Washington campus, where he was a worship leader. The ten other group members all came from within the church, and they have been bringing their orchestral, indie sound to the Christian music industry ever since.

Lead singer, Chad Gardner, of King's Kaleidoscope. Photo by: Gabby Kupfer.

Lead singer, Chad Gardner, of King’s Kaleidoscope. Photo by: Gabby Kupfer.

“It was great to come to a place where they’re taking old hymns and making them new—it was a really good way to end the week, a good way to transition into the weekend, and mostly though it was good to praise God,” said student Rachel Weinert.