St. Patrick's Day: It’s an all-too-often overlooked holiday. However, there are many fun and appropriate ways to celebrate this year!
  1. Learn the history. The story of Saint Patrick is actually a pretty cool one - St Patrick was actually a missionary from England who served in Ireland.
  2. Learn some Gaelic. It's a challenge, to be sure, but maybe a rewarding one. If you're looking to try a new language, why not Gaelic?
  3. Test your Irish trivia knowledge here or here.

    The tri-colored flag is a well-known Irish symbol.
    Photo courtesy of SteveFE.

  4. Enjoy some St. Patrick’s themed YouTube videos. Here is a short information one, or maybe you're in the mood for a St. Patrick's Day river dance flash mob.
  5. Embrace your inner child with St. Patrick's themed coloring pages, such as theseWho doesn't love coloring? These printable pages are the perfect study break.
  6.  Practice your Irish accent. If learning an entirely new language is too big of a task, just try working on the accent!
  7. Cook. Whether it's the traditional brisket and cabbage or bright green cupcakes, food is always a great way to celebrate!
  8. Watch an Irish movie. Some good options are Waking Ned Devine, The Secret of Roan Inish, or Angela's Ashes.