Today, October 31 AKA Halloween students will be gathering for the festive fall party known as the Basement Bash. “Where?” you ask, Aagard! Don’t worry, nuns don’t have cooties so you’ll be safe. There will be dancing in the basement, crafts, food, and a new trick-or-treating event. Rumor has it fresh apple cider is involved. “When?” you ask, 8-10pm. Here’s some tips to prepare for the madness:
  1. Do wear a costume. Dress up as your favorite TV show character, favorite super hero, whatever, just DRESS UP! Don’t be “too cool” for a costume.
  2. Don’t suffocate yourself in a costume that bakes you into a pumpkin pie. It gets freakishly HOT in the Aagard basement when most of campus wedges into a giant mash pit.
  3. Do wear deodorant PLEASE!!!! Again, it gets hot and you WILL get sweaty, so please don’t be afraid to go a little over board on the cologne and body spray.
  4. Don’t dress inappropriately. Yes I know, “less is more,” but how much “more” do you really want to expose? Ladies, don’t jump on the world’s Halloween bandwagon of wearing seductive kitty and bunny costumes. You can look cute without looking like you forgot to wear half your costume.
  5. Do dance with no shame! Basement Bash is all about embarrassing yourself and having fun, so just go for it. As Family Force 5 says, “Dance or die.”
  6. Don’t practice your dance moves in front of a mirror beforehand. Just don’t be that person…nuf said.
  7. Do come even if you don’t like dancing. There’s usually other activities upstairs, like pumpkin painting and other fun crafts. There are also snacks and lots of people. Come hangout, people watch and have a good time.
  8. Don’t mock other’s dance moves. Let’s be honest, you’ve danced like that alone in your room or with the music cranked while jammin in your car. Remember to treat one another with respect.
  9. Do kidnap all your friends and make them come. They’ll be dressed up as your hostage, so they won’t even have to worry about a costume.
  10. Don’t ask someone out to the bash unless you wanna get real close real fast. It gets super crowded and loud. Not exactly the most romantic party to take a date to.
It’ll be festive, it’ll be fun, be there or be square! Check your emails, watch the promo video and COME!!!! Don’t say you have too much homework, cause who actually does homework on a Saturday night? Plus, we’re all too old to actually go trick-or-treating, so come dress up, eat food and dance your heart out in an environment where it’s socially acceptable to pretend to be a power ranger or a giant jack-o-lantern when you’re in your 20’s.