Welcome to Bridal College! And yes, it is highly likely people will meet their future spouses whilst earning their degree. But what happens when they aren't our future spouses? The dreaded Break Up. And being on such a small campus, news spreads like wildfire. How do we navigate the minefield of avoiding the awkward ex encounters, nosy people who probably are truly concerned but incredibly curious, and the desire to cry, scream, and punch something? Here's a few tips. No.1: Be honest. Don't try to cover up the obvious pain and disappointment you're experiencing. This does not mean, however, that you have to spill your guts and divulge every excruciating detail to everyone who asks how you're doing. Do not push all of the emotions away and feign that everything is sunshine and rainbows because everyone knows it's not. It is okay to be upset, sad and hurt. We're human.  You don't have to be a people person but you don't get to hide from your friends and miss all your classes. Sorry. No.2: Be aware. We live in a limited amount of space and it is highly likely you will run into your ex within forty-eight hours of the break-up. It'll be awkward but it wouldn't hurt to try and be casual. You can't avoid them forever. Also, be aware of who is around you at the time. If you have awkward friends that will just make the situation worse or confrontational ones who will rip your ex a new one, maybe now isn't the best time for the first post-break up encounter. Another thing to keep in mind is that the other person is probably feeling just as awkward as you are. No.3: Be appreciative. Surround yourself with people that you feel comfortable talking to but that won't corner you in a dark alley and beat the truth out of you. Allow them to take you to dinner off campus or supply you with candy and movie marathons. Sometimes we need people to take care of us when we're broken and lost. There is a flipside to this, though. Gently let people know if you need space and time alone. They'll be respectful of that. No.4: Be in prayer. We have the advantage of being on a campus where we're encouraged to seek God at all times. He will give us rest. He will bring us peace. And He will help us begin to heal. Corban has many private nooks and crannies where we can get away from the stress of schoolwork and sea of faces and focus on the Lord. Break-ups are hard. I've had my own share of having to deal with the aftermath of things not working out. It's uncomfortable and awkward; and sometimes it really hurts. Somehow, we have to deal with it. One important thing to remember is that we're all brothers and sisters in Christ. So perhaps we should work to build one another up in love, especially when times are hard. If you're currently going through a break-up, just know that I'm praying for you and it will get better.