This student preferred to remain anonymous.

"My value comes from my Heavenly Father."

As a young child, I had a great relationship with my father. He was the first person I wanted to see when I got home from school and he always spent time with me. Though, as time went on, our relationship became strained. When my parents filed for divorce in my sophomore year of high school, my dad pushed me away and cut me out of his life. I became depressed and suicidal and had no idea who I was anymore. I had believed the lies my dad was telling me and reached the point of believing that I did not matter at all. I thought I had nothing good about me and that my existence was pointless Through the many struggles this brought, even more good came out of it. I realized that I was finding my identity in my dad and not my Heavenly Father as I should have been doing. Despite my dad walking in and out of my life, I now realize that I have a Heavenly Father who promises to never leave me. As cliché as it may sound, God worked in big ways in my life and got me walking with Him more closely than I ever had before. I now know who I am. I am a loved daughter and a servant of Christ. My value comes from my Heavenly Father, and not the man who occasionally acts like any dad should. The Hilltop will be sharing student testimonies bi-weekly in an effort to build community and edify the body of Christ. If you have any questions please contact