Arsinio Walker is a senior at Corban.

Corban University is attracting athletic talent from overseas more frequently now than it ever did. The international pool of athletes is rapidly growing with prospects from the likes of Jamaica, England, Canada, Rwanda,  Australia, and Mexico. Why do these athletes travel overseas, and to what goals do they aspire? Firstly, all (if not most) international athletes at Corban are males. Assumptions are being made that the majority of international male athletes within the U.S. come here because they want to become professionals at their sport. However, a few international athletes have different goals, like getting an education. Others simply want to try their sport in a new environment – something new outside of what they are used to. A few wish to acknowledge God through whatever they do. Aron Withe is a sophomore forward for the Men's Basketball team who hails from Birmingham, England. He believes that Corban University is the perfect place for him to grow in his faith while developing his basketball talents, which he hopes to take to Spain in the future. Withe also admires the community shared among students. He  commended the school's athletic office of the job they've done so far of selling the program and communicating with potential international scholar-athletes. “ I love the family environment here and the connections you can build with people from a spiritual basis,” Withe said. “I'm not gonna lie that these guys did a pretty good job of recruiting; they sold it to me pretty well.” With God at the helm of our plans, anything is possible. Many international athletes at Corban wish to take their trade to Europe where they can play at a higher level. Thus, they see Corban as a training center that can equip them both spiritually and physically for the road ahead. Kemar Prince, sophomore soccer player from Portmore, Jamaica has similar goals to that of Withe. Prince, who was introduced to the school by a past Jamaican player, was recruited by several larger universities such as James Madison University and George Mason University. Of the offers he was given, Prince saw Corban as a perfect fit for him to excel in academics and sports, especially since he wishes to play soccer in Europe someday. “I heard about the Christian community and family," Prince said. "Also, the coach has professional experience which gives me hope.” Junior baseball player Adam Shumka, who came from Vancouver, Canada, appreciates the school environment. “I like the small class sizes and knowing pretty much all the students around me," Shumka said. "The Hoff School of Business has allowed me to get to know all my classmates pretty well.”