A whole week off of school? No more classes, no more exams, and no late nights completely making up papers? Sign me up! Spring break is fast approaching and we’ve been told over our young lives that the collegiate spring breaks are some of the most memorable times we will ever experience. So put some effort into this time you have off! Go do something, have an adventure, and make some memories. Here are five ways to make the most of your spring break!

Natasha Wilson is a freshman.

Natasha Wilson is a freshman.

1) Serving. This may sound cliché but there are so many opportunities for us. Imagine flying to another part of the country or the world and being able to serve your fellow man. Or if you’re staying in the area, volunteering at a homeless shelter. Don’t miss out on being able to be a witness for Christ to the those who’ve never heard of Him.

2) Road Trip! It’s Spring Break. Isn’t that what it’s all about, having adventures and stuff? Go to the beach for the week. Pack all your friends in a car and trek your way down the coast. And if you’re feeling really spend-y, fly to some foreign country and go exploring. Regardless of where you end up, make sure you have some great friends with you. These adventures make for great bonding experiences and even better stories.

3) Spend time with your family. Now, this doesn’t mean lie around the house and let your mom wait on you hand and foot. Break out the board games. Make some popcorn and put on a movie. Or go out for a nice dinner. Or if you’re not able, offer to help your mom make dinner and sit together at the table for once and actually talk. Yes, we are poor college students but I think our parents would make some exceptions or find ways to make it work if we wanted to spend our time with them.

4) Sleep. It’s break, which means no more eight a.m. classes and no five-page papers due in under twelve hours that we don’t start until the night before. Catch some Zs. Sleep in until noon or go to bed at ten. Don’t sleep the day away but definitely take advantage of the extra time to catch up on sleep.

5) Get some homework done. I know this sounds like a major downer. However, we’re given our syllabi the first day of term so we know if we have a ten page paper due toward the end of the semester. I’m not suggesting you do all of it, unless you want to really get ahead of the game, but at least do some of the basic stuff, like research. You’ll be glad you took an hour or two out of your break so you don’t have to completely cram later.

Spring Break will only be around for a limited time in our lives. Most professionals don’t have a week off to go party or rest. Enjoy it. Take advantage of the time you have and make some memories. It’s only a few weeks away so plan something. Even if it sounds crazy, do it. You may never get the opportunity again. Have fun and enjoy the sun!