On Feb. 25, a body was found in some hills in Riverside, Calif. He was a trumpet player. The mischievous musician had rebellious twirls of black hair, and dimples deep like a determined child’s attempts to dig to China. When a young girl started her first year at high school, he purposefully bumped into her as a unique way to say “hello” and welcome her to high school. She hadn’t even thought the junior trumpet player remembered her from band camp, but his unexpected bump in the hallway proved otherwise. A few years later, he tried teaching the same girl and her friend how to box at his house, only to have his efforts go in vain when they couldn’t stop laughing. It was the same house where his viewing would take place. After hearing of the 23-year-old trumpet player’s passing, the young woman tries to distract herself with school, but can’t stop thinking of him. She ignores the word “Heaven” due to the uncertainty of his faith. The good news doesn’t seem so good when the guy who made her feel welcome at high school might not be there. Every smile is heavy, but the weight allows her to forget about the loss of her friend on earth. She remembers having the ability to sing the hymn “It is well” with such conviction. After a week or two since his passing, all she can do is sing the words. She wears the "I'm fine" mask and wonders why his body was found by a hiker in the early morning. She tries to understand what to do with the sadness for her former brass-playing friend, her friends back home crying of emptiness and for the family that lost another member. So she prays, without even knowing what she's praying for. As she walks to her classes, she attempts to intentionally bump into people as a unique way to say “hello” and welcome them to a new day. A body was found in some southern Californian hills. He was a trumpet player.