Whether you’re a freshman, a returning student, or just wandered on campus by mistake, this is an important list. It might just be the most important list of your semester, even more important then your ATC booklist or the list of Coffee shop hours. This is the comprehensive list of the most important Youtube videos for the Corban student. Completing this list will not only allow you to be relevant to the non-believers around you, but also get you in on all the jokes that your peers are making that you don’t get. Let’s get started.   Julian Smith- Malk and Hot-Kool aid “I made this for you!” If you were going to follow any youtuber, I would recommend you put Julian Smith at the top of your list. His videos both parody first-world problems and offer up the kind of ridiculous humor that make you think “What in the world am I laughing at?” Shoot Christians say A few professors might have already shown you this gem. Once you view it you will catch yourself making these clichés and then it will help you laugh at yourself. I am of the mind that Christians sometimes tend to take themselves much to seriously. This video reminds us how much of ourselves we have to laugh at. Shtuff Christian girls say Suffice to say ladies, if you haven’t caught yourself letting one of these phrases slip off your tongue, you are not doing female Christianity correctly. Blimey Cow- 7 lies about homeschoolers Blimey Cow is a youtube series created by Jordan and Josh Taylor. Their channel is full of good-natured pokes at Christian clichés and witty humor. This video is especially important to the Corban student. You are surrounded by homeschoolers everywhere on campus, it is important to know their background, their history, and the fact that they all got to go to school in pajamas. Lumberjack Games promo 2012 My hope is that this video will go down in history as one of the greatest pieces of film making Corban University has ever produced. The promo puts the voices of some of the faculty member’s children into the mouths of the Davidson RAs. The result is oddly adorable hilarity.  “Kyle where are you?” Any video by Olan Rogers Swaying between personal storytelling, to amateur filmmaking, to anthropomorphizing his cat, to “What the heck did I just watch?” Rogers channel is full of short, sweet bites of entertainment. Be sure to check out The Lions Blaze and an Odd day to die, my personal favorites. Plus, they are all endlessly quotable. It’s not about the nail Want to become an expert in the thought processes of the opposite sex within two minutes? Watch this video. Using the nail metaphor, this video is quite the education when trying to figure out why your boyfriend tends to not listen to your feelings, or why your girlfriend doesn’t let you fix her problems. Just remember, it’s not about the nail.  Lifehouse Everything Skit Taking a serious turn here, the Everything skit is one of the most powerful evangelistic tools you will ever see. Told without words, set to the Lifehouse song Everything, the skit takes you through the life of a young girl, from creation, to falling astray, to the love of a creator that bring her back home. Keep your tissues at hand. Why I hate Religion but Love Jesus By Jefferson Bethke Corban University had the privilege of hosted Jeff Bethke at one of our chapel services last year. Bethke is a gifted poet who films himself performing his works to share on Youtube. This piece diagnoses what makes so many of Christians feel uncomfortable with our faith, showing that Christ is not about laws but about grace. The Fox by Ylvis You might as well. Then you’ll know why every one is saying Ring ding ding ding.   There you have it, a treasure trove of 21st century Corban culture, just waiting for you to feast upon it. It’s also a wonderful excuse for some procrastination, but you wouldn’t dream of procrastinating about your global perspectives homework would you? I didn’t think so. Happy Watching!