With all of the stress and business that comes along with being in college, students are constantly seeking ways to reduce that stress and prevent disorganization. One way they do this is by staying up to date on all the helpful smartphone apps. But with millions of apps that all promise to help, how can you choose the right ones? To help you get started, here is a small list of free must-have phone apps for college students.
  1. Gas buddy- Provides the location of the cheapest gas near your location. The app also shows you the closest gas station and compares the prices.
  2. FastFood- Finds all of the nearby food places. Whether it is for a date night or a late night cram session, the app provides a list of restaurants to choose from according to what you’re looking for. Restaurants are even divided into different categories making your search easier. Categories include Coffee and Tea, ethnic food, Free Wifi, Pizza, and more.
  3. EEBA (Easy Envelope Budget Aide)- A budgeting tool that helps you keep track of how much you spend in different places. Then it calculates how much you spend in each category (food, shopping, giving, saving). The app also allows you to set up a budget for a specific thing or event that you want to save for.
  4. Studyblue- A study resource that lets you make flashcards, quizzes, review sheets, and most importantly: study on the go. Not only can you make your own flashcards, but you can share with your friends. Have an upcoming WTC exam? Those flashcards your hall mate made last year look mighty appealing.
  5. Myhomework- Who needs a paper syllabi calendar when you can have it on your phone? Myhomework is calendar app that lets you enter all your assignments into it. You can also set their priority level so you can later see which assignment is most important. The app is accessible in multiple ways and can be synchronized to any device.
  6. MyFitnessPal- This app takes your weight, height and age into account and then provides a calorie amount that is personally advised for you. You can then enter your foods and amount of exercise and the app calculates how many calories you have left throughout the day. It is a great way to see how high your intake is and also an excellent way to make sure you are getting all of the healthy foods and exercise you need.
College is no doubt stressful. But the technology at our fingertips provides so many ways to manage that stress. These six free apps downloadable to your smart phone are a great way to get started. And remember the key word—free.