Millions of fans shed tears as Taylor Swift “broke up” with Spotify recently, following in the footsteps of all her past relationships. (Maybe she’ll write a song about it?) However, T-Swizzle’s newly released fifth album, 1989, filled the “Blank Space” in our hearts that came when she ended it with Spotify. For years, Tay-tay has been flirting with the pop genre; however, 1989 marked her ‘official’ transition into the genre and into our hearts. This release also gave her the privilege of being the first woman in history to replace her own song for #1 on the Billboard’s Top Charts. Angie Knight and I (Sarina Girangaya) have listened to the album on repeat since it came out and have compiled our thoughts on all of Swifty’s genius of 1989.
  1. “Welcome to New York”
From the first song, we were hooked and Angie was planning a trip to New York. I, Sarina, have always loved New York and this song made me miss all the sounds and sights of the grand city.
  1. “Blank Space”
This has to be our favorite track on the album. Swizz-cheese’s genius just blows our minds. Can we talk about her performance in the music video? **Moment of silence for the totes adorbs man in the video who had to deal with Swift’s psychotic side. Favorite Lyric: “I’m a nightmare dressed as a day-dream.”
  1. “Style”
Truth time: This is my getting-dressed-for-any-special-event jam. Although, the internet-trollers and Angie believe this song relates to Harry Styles.
  1. “Out of the Woods”
Ahh, this song. Rumor has it the song is about T-Swizzler’s relationship with Harry Styles due to the lyrics about having his necklace around her neck (their matching paper planes necklaces).
  1. “All You Had to Do was Stay”
But I wanted to leave...
  1. “Shake it Off”
This is the driving-around-town-with-a-bunch-of-friends jam. “Because haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.”
  1. “I Wish You Would”
All the regret… all of it!! “It’s 2 a.m. in your car, windows down, pass my street, the memories start. You say it's in the past, you drive straight ahead. You're thinking that I hate you now. Guess you still don't know what I never said.” Stop! We need to move on, Sarina is gettin’ too many feelings. Next!
  1. “Bad Blood”
This song is reportedly Ed Sheeran’s favorite in the album and we can see why: the beat is sick, dawg!
  1. “Wildest Dreams”
I feel like we should be doing a modern/interpretive dance to this song… Anyone else? No, just us? Favorite lyric: “Say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just pretend.”
  1. “How You Get the Girl”
Contrary to popular fear, girls can’t read minds. At least, most can’t. Boys listen up to this song and tell her how you feel. Girls listen to Swizz’s advice and tell him. Boys aren’t mind readers either. Preach it, Swifty! Preach it! Favorite lyric: “And you were too afraid to tell her what you want”
  1. “This Love”
Taylor felt some passionate, unique love (apparently). Angie just doesn’t understand why “your smile, my ghost, I fell to my knees” Why is there a ghost? Why, after a ghost, does said person fall? Did they faint? Were his teeth exceptionally white? Sarina again feels that we need to be doing an interpretive dance listening to this song. And, again, there are so many feelings; next!
  1. “I Know Places”
Whoa, there, Tay-kwon-do… Why are you guys hiding? Totes not Corban appropriate! Run away, man, run away!! Angie feels like her innocence and basic understanding of the white-washed image of Swizzle-my-Izzle was shattered within 3 minutes.
  1. “Clean”
This song was either about rehab from being love drunk or a literal drought; either way Tay-tot deserves a 10-month sobriety pin. Way to go Tay-mato!! This song feels much like “Begin Again,” a hit song on her fourth album, Red. We believe this song could be a good analogy of our break-up with sin and how because of God we can be ‘finally clean.’ Our main Swizz was super deep here, and we love the fact that she is expressing this side of her. Favorite Lyric: “I think I’m finally clean.” Well that’s it! All 13 tracks on Tay-bird’s new album 1989. Now, get your butt to Wal-Mart or Target or on iTunes and buy this album so we can all jam together. Swifters unite!