Late on a Sunday evening, I was hanging out in Nathan Swanson’s room. No, literally. Hanging in a hammock. In the middle of conversation, he stopped and said it was time to listen to a new song that Kyle Boardman declared to be “the epitome of musical perfection.” I Really Like You. Carly Rae Jepsen is back, maybe. I really, really like you. Yeah, we’ve all heard that before. We must stop to ask if she really, really like likes you. She never clarified. Does she really, really, really, really, really like you just as a friend? We will never know. My favorite line is “Did I say too much?” Uhhh, yeah. To sing the word “really” 67 times in one song shorter than 3.5 minutes is really way too many times. Like, really. This is a bold move for Carly Rae Jepsen after her hit “Call Me Maybe” which was named Billboard’s top Song of the Summer in 2012. It is quite admirable for her to recognize that whatever she is feeling towards this hand-holding, late night television watching friend, it isn’t love. I also appreciate her willingness to let him know how she is feeling. It is difficult, and dare I say, often frowned upon, in our society for a lady to open up about her feelings toward a man. But Carly makes it seem really, really easy. After listening to the chorus just once with Swanson he exclaimed, “Well, I know the words already! That’s nice!” The English major inside of me wants to introduce Carly to my favorite dinosaur: Thesaurus Rex. As much as I would like to believe that my rewrite of the song, using the dinosaur, would be much more effective in communicating how she really feels, it would certainly not be as readily listened to. But hear me out. “I really, certainly, truly, legitimately like you. And I want you, do you want me, do you fancy me, too? I really, honestly, quite indeed like you. And I yearn for you, do you want me, do you long for me, too?” Maybe it doesn’t have quite the same ring. Corban alum and guitarist for Starship Renegade, Simon Howard, referred to the song as a “5 out of 5 on the Maple Syrup Chart.” After well over one hour of listening to this song on repeat, I can truly say that I really, really, really like it. My ears will need a four-day detox for me to truly enjoy the song again, but it is really likely to become the song that will define Spring 2015. I think I’m okay with that. Really okay with it, actually. If Boardman felt so confident to make a statement as bold as aforementioned, then he must be a musical expert. Because of this, I felt it best to hear more from him. Please enjoy the following Q&A session with self-declared musical expert, Kyle Boardman. Q: Why do you like “I Really Like You”? A: “It’s so catchy and easy to remember.” Q: What do you think this song will do for Carly’s career? A: “This will probably not significantly catapult her career. If 'Call Me Maybe' couldn’t, what will?” Q: What’s your favorite line? A: “The chorus, obvi.” Q: Where is your favorite place to listen to this song? A: “EVERYWHERE.” In the Facebook comment words of Dr. Kent Kersey, “Somebody should really, really call her… maybe…"