Filmed and edited by Kelsey Leavitt You could view a Harlem Shake video on Youtube in 30 seconds. You could also spend 30 seconds shaking your body in unorganized spasms to rejuvenate your brain cells back to their normal capacity. That 30 seconds could allow you time to shake out your rug, your hair or your shoes. Thirty seconds may even be enough time to decide between a strawberry shake, a chocolate shake or a peanut butter shake. In 30 seconds you could listen to a goat sing along with Taylor Swift, Usher or Justin Bieber, all of which are less painful than watching the Harlem Shake. But it only takes 1.5 seconds to google “Harlem Shake” and to realize it has nothing to do with the real Harlem Shake from the ‘70s. You could also watch 30 seconds of a dance tutorial and shake better than half the people who upload the videos. You could spend the time to make a Harlem Shake video and join the thousands of groups, organizations and teams who have shaken up the Youtube charts, with five Harlem Shakes in this month’s top 10 most-watched.  Just don’t make a video underground in a mine. You could get fired for that, like the 15 miners in Australia. But if you insist on making a Harlem Shake video, just don’t disregard the other 3,000 videos you could also make about paper towel origami, one-legged rollerblading, beet canning or other activities as stupid and aimless as the Harlem Shake. Shake away, if you must. Just make sure you watch the Hilltop’s own version first.